Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, wa salaatu wa salaam alaa rasulillah

After 25days since I got the first COVID symptoms, I decided to write about my experience.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 started just like every other day. Except I was in my cousin’s house.

To start the day formally, I went to pray…

At exactly 6:13am today,

I stepped out for my usual morning ride, for the fifth day in a row.

I recently acquired a bicycle, learnt how to ride, on my own, and have taken up cycling as an hobby and as part of my workout regimen.

One thing is for…


Are you overwhelmed about the idea of spending your time in lockdown, because of coronavirus?

Before you panic, kindly go through these few tips to take you through the trying days ahead.

  1. Social media distancing: With all the hysteria and buzz going on around now, it is easy to be…


This is not a success story review. You will probably not smile till the end of this piece; you might even end it with a sigh.

Some Shots Shot.

I cannot get over the thoughts that I failed so much in 2019.

I failed myself so much, I don’t want to remember…

The days of simple endpoint security by way of traditional antivirus softwares is coming to an end, because antivirus detects virus when they have signatures of the particular virus in their database. Modern viruses have evolved and antivirus are not able to detect them on time in order to sandbox…

Adebayo Farouk

Halal Hacker

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